Spring 2018 Schedule

1st Period (8:00-9:25):  NC Math 1 - 9th grade

2nd Period (9:30-10:55):  NC Math 2 Honors

3rd Period (11:00-11:03):  NC Math 1 - 9th grade

Charger CORRAL (11:03-11:55):  

LUNCH and  

PLC - Monday,

Tutoring - Tuesday and Thursday, 

Supervision - Wednesday

Planning - Friday   

3rd Period (12:00-1:25): NC Math 1 - 9th Grade  

 4th Period (1:30-2:55):   Planning

 - 1st Period
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 - 2nd Period - Remind Widget 

 - 3rd Period - Remind Widget

Parent Conferences will be held on:  
Thursday, March 8th
Please contact your child's teacher by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Progress Reports will go home on: 
Thursday, February 8th
Tuesday, March 6th
Tuesday, April 24th
Tuesday, May 15th

Progress Reports previously went home on:

Report Cards will go home:  
January 25th for Final grades from Fall Semester
April 12th for Mid Term grades from Spring Semester
Mid June for Final grades from Spring Semester and 2017-2018 academic year
Report Cards went home:
November 9th for Mid Term grades from Fall Semester

Please note EVERY student should study a minimum of 30 minutes each night in addition to homework assignments.  If your student is struggling, they should spend additional time and attend tutorials every week. Also, additional options for tutoring by Calculus students is available.  If you or your student are interested in these additional tutoring options, please contact me by email.