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Tardy Policy

To help our students become more successful in class, the following tardy policy will be instituted.  As always, students will have a 5-minute passing period and are expected to be in class before the bell rings. If students are not in class before the tardy bell rings, students will report to room 104 to see Mr. Williams or receive a tardy pass.

Tardies to class often disrupt instruction. When a student is tardy because of an office or guidance issue, the student will be given a hall pass or a tardy pass to class.  If a student does not have a note they will not be allowed to enter the class room after the tardy bell.

Unexcused tardies present a unique problem for the administration. While excessive tardies are ultimately a behavior issue, they also punish the student long-term by accumulating into too many unexcused absences and thereby causing the student to fail the class.

  • NO warning bell (includes late arrivals)
  • Doors should close with the bell and only students with tardy passes and administrator passes should be admitted
  • Students without passes should report to Mr. Hatcher in room 104
  • First Tardy - Warning
  • Second Tardy - Administrative Conference
  • Third Tardy - Remediation after school and letter to parent
  • Fourth tardy - Overnight Suspension
  • Fifth tardy - OSS (Out of School Suspension)
  • Tardy policy is in room not in seat
  • Tardy count will re-set for second semester