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Each year we have a county-wide Senior Experience and College Fair at CCC.  You will receive a permission form for this event Thursday in homeroom.  In order to participate, you must complete this form and it is DUE back to Student Services - NO LATER THAN - September 15!!

For seniors, you may drive to the event. We will also provide a bus for those who need to ride.  PLEASE MARK ON YOUR PERMISSION FORM what your transportation will be.  SHS seniors are scheduled to be there from 8:30 to 11:00.  If you drive, you may report directly to CCC.  If you ride the bus, you will report to school and we will load buses around 8:10.  At the end of the event - you must return to school the way you came.  If you drive, you can go to lunch off campus - but you must return NO LATER THAN 12:30 for 4th period.  If you ride the bus, you will return to campus by 11:30 in time for lunch/intervention.

The seminars have been excellent in the past.  Sessions include CFNC, interview skills, etc which can make a huge difference in the college application and job search processes.  

Very soon, CCC will send an email to you about this event.  The email will ask you to respond to some questions about your future plans.  If you are not planning to attend college, there will be other sessions designed specifically for you at the event.  Please complete the CCC survey when it arrives.

We will take attendance at the event.  If you do not attend, you will be marked absent - unexcused unless you bring a note from a parent or doctor.  This event is very important and your attendance is expected.

Please let me know if you have any questions.