Welcome to our classroom site! 

:¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenue!   Welcome to your Spanish or French class!  This semester’s class will be an interesting experience for you.  You will be following my examples as we go from introducing ourselves in the language to writing and reading in the language. 

     The key to your achieving your goals this year is for you to be actively involved in your learning experience.  Your eyes will need to be on me and the interactive Smartboard at all times as you are learning what words mean and how to say them.  You will not receive the list of words and their translations until the END OF THE CLASS for your notes!  Why?  Well, you will be connecting pictures and movements to the new language and as long as you are watching, you will understand what you need to know.  Then you will receive the notes to copy and you can check over what you might have misunderstood.

     Actually it is really quite fun learning this way and you will speak quicker and understand more.  It will also strengthen your power of deduction (brain power)- and couldn’t we all use more of that!

     As for your daily partner and group work, see the work for what it is- a chance to make sure that you can use the language correctly.  It is not “down time” or social time.

 Classroom Rules:  Parents and Students please initial each rule.

•Participate fully in all activities. (Eyes up, brains on!) ________

•Help your group by doing your best in group activities.__________

•Do all homework to the best of your ability. This is your work - not your parents’ and not a friend’s work.___________

• If you are writing a paper, you may not use an online translator to look up more than one word per sentence. You may never use it to translate an entire sentence or paragraph. If I see that you have done so, you will receive a zero on the assignment until you complete the work in ASD the correct way.  (Don’t try to get out of thinking for yourself.)  ____________

Follow the teacher’s directions step by step in a respectful manner.__________ Stopping to deal with disrespect wastes valuable time.  (If you need to talk, let me know and we can talk during Corral, before school, or after school.  But during class is not the time to talk about a social/ anger issue.)

Help each other to grow in the language by giving kind corrections and being dependable.  ____________  When you play around then your partners have to work doubly hard to make up for what you do not contribute.  This is not acceptable.

Cell phones should not be seen by me during class.  ______________

1.       Don’t wait for the bell to ring and slowly put the phone up.  It should already be stowed away._____________

2.      Don’t check your messages in class.  If there is an important issue, please have family/work/etc. call the office.  __________

Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be , "Chill Out", After School Detention, additional work, required explanations for your actions, parent meetings and office referrals.

Chargers are…Respectful, Responsible and Prepared!


Grading Policy:I believe in Mastery Learning.  We work diligently to grasp each concept, then if any do not "catch on" by the test, they may retest by scheduling with me after school.  This may happen until the last week before each nine weeks ends.    


It has been my experience that students who immediately review with me and then retest do well and usually don't need additional retests.  

But, those who wait until the last moment to try to retest find themselves not prepared when the class moves on, failing additional tests and not passing the retests.


My point:  Study from the beginning and you will be successful.  Immediately retest if you find that you didn't understand as much as you thought you did.  

As far as grading scale:  Grades are now on a ten point scale.  (:

100 - 90 A

89 - 80 B

79 - 70 C

69 - 60 D

59 and below F (But let's don't go here!)


Homework Policy:  DO IT!!!!  Work may be turned in late for a lower grade before the last week of the 9 weeks.  I give homework to keep your mind in the language.  If you stay in the language, you learn the language.  It is that simple.


Make-up Work:  Do it as quickly as possible.  Check all notes on my webpage for the day that you missed.  See me after school if you don't understand something.


Supplies Needed:

(Must do)  Have pen or pencil and your notebook at all classes. 

Colored pencils come in very handy during several units. 


Help Sessions:   I have Mondays for help sessions during first block of Corral.  I will also meet individually with any who want help and who schedule ahead of time during lunch, after or before school.

N.C. Essential standards for World Languages:
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