We're Chargers, We're Better!

Spring 2018 Schedule

1st Period (8:00-9:25):   Planning

2nd Period (9:30-10:55):  Civics and Economics

3rd Period (11:00-11:03):  AP Psychology

Charger CORRAL (11:03-11:55): Supervision - Monday,

Tutoring - Tuesday and Wednesday, 

Planning- Thursday,

PLC - Friday   

3rd Period (12:00-1:25):  AP Psychology

 4th Period (1:30-2:55):   Civics and Economics

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on:  
Thursday, March 8th

Progress Reports will go home on:
Thursday, February 8th,
Tuesday, March 6th,
Tuesday, April 24th, and
Tuesday, May 15th

Report Cards will go home:  
April 12th for Mid Term grades from Spring Semester
Mid June for Final grades from Spring Semester and 2017-2018 academic year