Freshman year in high school is known for being a very exciting year for students, but it can also be a little scary.  At Crest High School, we want to help students make the transition from middle to high school a smooth one.  The Freshman Academy is a designated cluster of classrooms for 9th grade core academic classes. There are activities and programs specific to freshman students.   The Freshman Academy also has its own assistant principal, academy director, and school counselor.  With the help of parent involvement, the Freshman Academy is a great tool to help students through the rest of their high school career.

What is the purpose of the Freshman Academy?
    The purpose of the Freshman Academy is to help students transition smoothly from middle school to high school.

How can parents help students and teachers in the Freshman Academy?
    Parents can help their students by encouraging them to be responsible for their academic duties.  Parents can stay involved in their student's school life by keeping in touch with teachers, asking any questions they may have about what is going on in school, and asking about their student's academic status in class.  Parents can also stay involved in any Freshman functions or activities.

Are freshmen confined to the Freshman Academy?
    No.  All freshman core academic classes will be on the Freshman Academy hallway, but electives may be in other parts of the school.  Freshman may travel to other parts of the school depending on their class schedules.  Students may also socialize before and after class.

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