Audrey Tate, 9th and 10th Grade Counselor

Great Opportunity!!!
Smart Lunch
Everyday you have the opportunity during your one hour lunch time to go to a teacher for extra help, to make up assignments, to prepare for a test, to do your homework. Please use this time wisely. If you have a problem how to use this time, please come by to see me.
Mrs. Tate


SHS Schedule 2017-18 (Smart Lunch Model)

1st block* 8:00-9:30

2nd period 9:35-10:30

3rd period 10:35-11:30

LUNCH A/Intervention 11:35-12:00

LUNCH B/Intervention 2:05-12:30

4th block* 12:35-2:05

5th period 2:10-3:05

*90 mins.


Academic Calendar-1st 9 weeks
August 28th-First Day of School
September 4th-Labor Day Holiday-no school
September 19th-Look for your student to bring            Progress Reports home from each teacher
October 10th-Students will bring home second set of Progress Reports
October 12th-Parent Teacher Conference Day-Come visit your student's teacher
October 27th-End of  first 9 weeks of school

Eight Keys to De-stressing (modified and adopted from Carolinas HealthCare System-Frontline Employee, Nov. 2016)

De-stressing is taking action to reduce the impact of stress following a period of continual tension.
There are different ways to distress . See how many of these you can do in a day:  1) Participate in some type of physical exercise.  2) Socialize with others who share the same stress.  3) Journal-write down your thoughts/successes for the day in a journal. 4) Enjoy humor-watch a funny movie or be around a friend that makes you laugh. 5) Get fresh air-take a walk or sit outside. 6) Practice being positive-stress may be followed by negative self-talk. Identify the negative and over power them with positive. 7) Meditate, relax-meditation is a skill that promotes relaxation and builds internal energy.
8) Create physical change- clean your room or clear out your book bag.
If you are a 10th grader interested in the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, an admission counselor will be at Shelby High on September  21st at 9:30 to share valuable information. Please come to my office to let me know. Parents may attend as well.
Parents make sure your student is using their planners to keep up with assignments, homework, projects and tests. Most high school students have homework or materials to study every night. If your child says they have nothing or have already finished everything, please check their grades on PowerSchool or give me a call or email me at

                        Graduation requirements:


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The goal is to make college possible for everyone. Please visit the site and ask your school counselor any questions you may have.
About Me:
I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree from Elon University and my Master's from Gardner-Webb University. I am also a National Board Certified Counselor.
I am married with two adult children. After twenty plus years in education, I still get energized being around young people.
I believe that high schools are really prep schools. We are about preparing our students for future endeavors.
My philosophy is "To Dream big and work hard".