How to go about exam registrations

  • Determine whether you are ready for any exam you would like to register for. 
  • Check with the relevant subject tutors/lecturers as to readiness; should you still be unsure, please ascertain this with Bronwyn or Michelle before making a final decision.
  • Fill in the online form to indicate the subject/s you intend to write. (This is for CL Education record keeping purposes)
  • Exam registration closing dates:
  • May/June Exams: Registration closes 12 February 2016.
    October/November Exams: Registration closes 2 August 2016.
  • Download the registration form  via this link - Registration form
    •  To obtain the syllabus/option codes you need to fill in on the registration form, you need to visit THIS link. NB that you make sure you fill in the correct codes as there is NO refunds for using the wrong code.
    • The syllabus code/number is a four digit number indicating which subject the student refers to.
    • The option code can be one or two digits long and will always start with a letter. This code indicates the combination of exam components you will be sitting.
    • Option codes can also be obtained from British Council directly at:
    • You need to add onto the registration form the CL Education centre number; ZA272. (Add at the bottom of the last page)
    • A copy of your ID or passport or birth certificate, a recent passport size photo and the proof of payment must accompany the registration form.
  • Payments need to accompany the registration form for applications to be accepted. Fees are payable in South African Rand. Visit the Exam Fees Page for the applicable exam fees.
  • Exam fees can be obtained from British Council directly at
  • The registration form and or CIE admin is sent to: or fax it to +27 (0)86 570 0422. 
  • Paymentsto British Council can be made through one of the following methods:
Cash Deposits
Bank: Nedbank
Account number: 145-41169-19
Branch name: Corporate Client Services JHB Complete a credit card payment form.
Branch code: 145405
Credit Card
Fill in the credit card form.
Send your proof of payment or credit card form to or  fax it to
+27 (0)86 570 0422. Keep a copy as proof of payment.
  • You will receive your Statement of Entry and information about the examination venues approximately three weeks before your exams. The statement of entry should contain the following information:
    • The Centre number, Centre name and your candidate number for the current exam session.
    • Your personal details (name, date of birth, gender).
    • Any previous entry details provided.
    • A list with all the subjects and entry options as per your application.
  • Please CHECK the details on the Statement of Entry form.
  • Please inform CL Education of your results once you receive them.

Should you wish to enter for A Level exams:

  Send an e-mail to Michelle Prinsloo at, with all the subjects and levels the student wishes to be examined on.