Checkpoint Secondary 1 exams are release via the Secondary 1 website for internal assessment to CIE and Associate Schools who are accredited with permissions to administer these as per Cambridge International Examinations. CL Education then has access to these tests to administer in the same year of release.
Checkpoint tests skills, knowledge and understanding for stages 7–9 of the curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science.

When should I write Checkpoint exams/assessments?
These assessments can be written at the end of the Gr7, Gr8 and Gr9 levels or only once the Gr9 level has been completed. The assessments are not compulsory but highly recommended as they highlight strengths and weaknesses and therefore provide the tutors with the necessary information to assist the students effectively.
Once the content of a level (or grade) has been completed the student can register to write his/her exams in the upcoming exam session, whether it be June or November does not matter.

Click on the appropriate exam session to view the relevant information. E.g. June Exam 2015

How do I register?
  1. Complete the online registration form.
  2. A quote will be sent to you. (Please e-mail michelleprinsloo@cledu.org if you haven't received a quote after a week). 
  3. Send the proof of payment through to michelleprinsloo@cledu.org.
  4. You will receive a letter confirming your registration.

How does the Checkpoint exams work?
  • Exams are e-mailed to the parent (45 min prior to exam).
  • The parent is responsible for printing it in time.
  • The invigilator needs to ensure exams are written under strict exam conditions (NO assistance).
  • Once completed the exam is immediately scanned in and sent to us via e-mail.
  • After all exams were written the originals are couriered to CL Education.

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