The information contained within this site provides parents, students, and other stakeholders a glimpse into the dynamic classroom curriculum found in all grade levels and for all courses where the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) are currently being taught. 

As you explore, you will see an overview of the CCRS, which drive our instruction and assessment practices found within our strategic lessons and units of study.  You will also gain insight into the enduring understandings students should acquire by the course's end as well as the essential questions students should be able to answer as a result of instruction.  Information is also provided on the knowledge, skills, and sequence of learning pertaining to each grade level course.

By assessing this information, parents, students and others gain insight into specific standards students will be expected to master at given points throughout the school year.  However, it is important to note that curriculum maps are always under construction and are updated in real time.  What you may see today may somewhat change tomorrow based on students' needs, interests and learning styles. 

Our teachers have constructed our curriculum maps collaboratively, building upon the expertise of individuals within Cleburne County Schools. Our teachers are on Horizontal Teams (grade level/content) and Vertical Teams. These teams drive the decision-making process in Cleburne County Schools. They meet periodically to make necessary revisions to curriculum maps or pacing guides as a result of assessment evidence. 

We hope that you find the information on this site helpful as you assist your child throughout the learning process.  We appreciate your continued support of and dedication to the Cleburne County School System, where we are committed to upholding a tradition of excellence. 

If you need information not found on this website, please contact Coline Worthy by email cworthy@cleburneschools.net or call 256-463-5624.


Cleburne County Schools will soon participate in the Accreditation process for the school district! This is an exciting time to showcase the outstanding efforts of teachers, administrators, and personnel, as well as the academic success of our students! Stay tuned for updates!