Mr. Cockrell's Digital Literacy Website

      Hey students! You can now find everything you’ll need to succeed in Mr. Cockrell’s classes, right here on our very own site! Be sure to check back often! 

Course Description
      Digital Literacy is a course designed to expose students to technology through various online tools, search engines, databases and their respective validity. In addition, this course will discuss internet safety, responsible digital citizenry, and ethics with online source material. Finally, students will be introduced to basic coding as well as mobile app development. 

Major Assessments/Projects-50% of Final Grade
Minor Assessments-25% of Final Grade
Homework/Classwork/Participation-25% of Final Grade

Homework Policy
    It is my policy that no credit will be awarded for late homework assignments. When I do assign homework, I take into consideration the students' busy lives. With that in mind, the amount given is very reasonable, therefore I expect it to be completed by the next day. No partial credit will be given for incomplete work.

Wondering about me?
    I think it is only fair to let you know a little about me. This year I will begin my fourteenth year at Clearview. I am a former student of the district and a graduate of Ursinus College. I am also a coach for the Clearview Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team and highly involved in many community activities.

Important Numbers and Contact Information
My (Best way to contact me!)
Middle School Main Office-223-2740
Middle School Guidance Office-223-2750
Middle School Attendance Line-223-2743