Ramp-Up to Readiness

Lessons will be taught in classrooms grades 6 through 12 monthly to deliver the Ramp-Up to Readiness Program.

What is Ramp-Up to Readiness™?

Ramp-Up to Readiness™ is a school-wide advisory program that features an engaging and interactive series of Activities designed to help all students graduate from high school ready for post secondary success. The Ramp-Up Outcomes are focused on the five pillars of readiness: academic, admissions, career, financial, and personal and social readiness. Ramp-Up helps students advance toward meeting those standards as they progress through school.

Advisory Activities

A series of weekly Advisory Activities at each grade level are designed to engage students in interactive learning that not only provide them information about college and career readiness, but also challenge them to think about their own engagement and decision making regarding their post secondary plans.

Each Advisory Activity is designed to be 30 minutes in length. Activities cover an array of topics directly tied to one or more of the Five Pillars. A unit may span two to four Advisory Activities. Teacher advisers facilitate these activities approximately once a week throughout the school year during the designated Ramp-Up advisory time.

Activity Overview Sheets for each of the advisory sessions are included in the Implementation Guide. Activity Overview Sheets are clearly written for the advisor with the following sections:

  • Learning Target - Indicates, in measurable terms, what students should learn in the activity
  • Resources needed for this session – States what additional resources (i.e., PowerPoint, worksheet or handouts) that may be needed
  • Opening – Provides the advisor a way to introduce the topic to the students
  • Activity – Traditionally an interactive activity that has students engaging with one another
  • Closure – A summary idea that reinforces the main idea of the activity or question that asks the students to reflect on the information or themselves

Each of the Opening, Activity and Closure sections are given approximate time allocations. It is important for advisory teachers to review activities prior to facilitating them with students, but Ramp-Up is designed to make this easily done in less than five minutes.


Throughout each school year, students engage in one Ramp-Up Workshop. The Ramp-Up Workshops are designed to provide students with an extended time period to engage with the concepts embedded in the Readiness™ Pillars with some depth toward working on completing tasks. Some of the Workshops require the use of computers for each student. School Leadership Teams should work to schedule these workshops so that computer access is not an issue.

Workshops are the equivalent of one class period in length and can be delivered at a time that works for the school. All of the Workshops have an Overview Sheet and a PowerPoint for the advisor to use.

Information taken from http://rampuptoreadiness.org/overview