Tile & Grout Restoration







 Are you tired of the old dirty grout you have , do your tile look dingy let us come out and give your home or business the face lift it deserves.

This cost pennies on the dollar that it would cost you to have that tile and grout ripped up  and the surface prepped and new tile to go in.  With our process it would and will save you time and money

Or if your in the mood to have your grout treated after having new tile installed just so it stays clean.

Our Tile & Grout Restoration and protection process in sometimes can be done in one day.

The grout protection alone will prevent stains from anything you can throw at it.

We offer a lifetime warranty to our product and out process and at is so desired is transferable if you sell your home.

We only offer this type of warranty with our annual inspection and cleaning for a small maintenance fee. its worth it just to a have piece of mind.

We offer grout coloring in multitude of colors.  If you can find a color swatch for what you want we can make it.

But let one of our trained staff member come out and help you make your home or office look brand new again.