Hurricane Fabric


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A Product Born Out of Necessity


AstroGuard Hurricane Fabric is Stronger | Safer | More Affordable | Easier to Deploy

AstroGuard is a resin-coated hybrid fabric that is 40% stronger than polypropylene, providing unmatched protection from hurricanes. AstroGuard provides “full envelope” protection of your home or commercial property, deflecting hurricane-force winds and preventing pressurization of the home. This pressurization is what causes roof lift-off during a hurricane and catastrophic damage to the home. AstroGuard weighs just ounces per square yard and gives homeowners and business owners the peace of mind knowing that their property, belongings, and families are protected.

•    Insurance approved

•    Blocks 100% of wind and rain

•    Category 5 wind load tested

•    100% UV resistant

•    Protection from flying debris

•    Translucent—lets in light

•    Florida Building Code and HVHZ approved (#15208)

•    Rapid deployment

•    Lightweight

•    10 Year Limited Warranty

•    Compact for easy storage

What is AstroGuard?
AstroGuard is a resin-coated hybrid fabric that is deployed over windows, doors, lanais, porches, garages and other openings. It protects against water, wind, and projectile damage during a storm. AstroGuard weighs only eight oun
ces per square yard, making it a lightweight, manageable alternative to traditional metal storm panels.

How Strong is AstroGuard?

AstroGuard has passed the rigorous testing necessary to gain Florida Building Code approval (#15208). It is also approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (Dade NOA 12-1004.02) by the Dade County Building Department. With Burst Strength of well over 1,500 psi, AstroGuard easily outranks plywood, roll-downs, accordions, and other hurricane fabrics.

How Can a Fabric Protect my Home or Business?
By design, AstroGuard is a flexible, nonporous fabric that is attached to your home or commercial property with standard hardware. The difference is the revolutionary mounting clip. Unlike competitors using grommets that tear the fabric, AstroGuard’s patented mounting clip bites into the fabric without tearing it. Our system actually pull-tests hundreds of pounds higher than competitors systems


Is it Affordable?
AstroGuard is the best value in hurricane protection in many ways. Not only is it affordable, but it also saves you money on auxiliary expenses: 1) It can reduce your homeowners’ insurance costs. 2) Its ease of deployment means you may not need to hire a handyman to put it up and take it down. 3) AstroGuard folds up neatly into its own storage bags and takes up very little space in an attic, garage, or storage unit.

What makes AstroGuard unique is our coating and sealing process. AstroGuard blocks wind and rain from entering your home or structure. It surpasses all other hurricane protection methods and barriers in tests. The test we use to demonstrate the abilities of AstroGuard are against the Australian Cyclone Standard, which is twice the force all other hurricane barriers have to pass in order to be certified in the US.

AstroGuard's reinforcing clips set itself apart from other hurricane fabrics. Other reinforcement methods, such as strap and buckle, can snare and tear the fabric when exposed to extreme wind, rain and flying debris. Our reinforcing clips provide flexibility without compromising durability. The flexibility of the fabric is able to catch rain and flying debris and high speeds and repel it, much like a trampoline.

Our patented coating and sealing process also gives AstroGuard more UV protection compared to other hurricane fabric barriers. Other hurricane fabrics withstand more wear and tear when left in direct sunlight. AstroGuard is able to withstand UV rays, making it more durable and reliable than other hurricane fabrics.


Astroflex by Hurricane Fabric is the first generation series of fabric protection. This is made of a slightly heavier version of polypropylene trampoline fabric. Astroflex is woven so that the fibers are slightly open so as to allow visibility through the fabric. While the impact resistance meets the standards for Florida Building Code, the Astroguard fabric has a much higher resistance to impact and is completely non-porous.

This was our first system which was a product born out of necessity. A founder of this company was a pioneering member in the field of fabric hurricane protection whose background is in the sail making industry. Much of how this product works has come from this field where there is decades of innovation in fabric and attachment advances. From the history of sails, we can gain much insight into how fabric performs under heavy loads and what type of attachments are the most secure.

If you are looking for transparent hurricane protection, check out AstroFlex. AstroFlex is our take on the first generation of traditional hurricane fabrics. It is transparent, allowing you to look outside your windows with full viewing capabilities, preventing a blackout effect. Other companies who sell this traditional hurricane barrier use straps and buckles to reinforce the edges to structure openings, which causes the fabric to be more permeable at the edges and tear more easily when faced with high speed wind, pounding rain, and flying debris. We remedy this problem by using our patented clips to attach the fabric to doors and windows, giving a more forceful barrier against the elements. Our patented clips make the fabric more flexible when faced with hurricane conditions to effectively repel wind, rain, and debris, without compromising strength. Our black AstroFlex has higher UV resistance compared to other the fabrics sold by our competitors in lighter colors, which degrade very quickly when left in direct sunlight. Don't compromise your safety with the effectiveness of lower quality hurricane fabrics sold by anyone else other than Hurricane Fabrics.

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