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The Purpose of Hermitage Springs School is to provide a positive learning environment based on respect, honesty, and cooperation.

NEWS: Valentine’s Day during COVID 19

Clay County Schools will not be having our regular Valentine’s Day parties. All parties will be conducted as previous parties were for this school year with the school providing snacks and the district providing ice cream to all students. 

In order to protect the health of all students:

Parents/guardians may not bring in any foods or drinks to the school.

Parents/guardians may not send any gift deliveries to the school.

Florist and gift shops may not deliver any gift deliveries to the school.

Students may not bring items from home.

Deliveries of any kind cannot be made to the school at any time. 

We appreciate your support in helping us keep our students and faculty safe. Thank you.

Free School Lunch and Breakfast
for ALL Clay County Students
extended through May 2021!
Extra food and milk is not free. 

January Menus

Happy Veterans Day
The link below is a special video from our school to our veterans.
Thank you for your service.

Tutoring Schedule

Afternoons: 3:00-4:00

Monday:         Kindergarten and Second    Ms. Makayla

          5th-8th Grades Mrs. Tanna

Tuesday:         Kindergarten and Second    Ms. Makayla

         Fourth Mrs. Rachel

Wednesday: Third Mrs. Rachel

        5th-8th Grades Mrs. Tanna

Mornings:  7:00-7:30  

      Each Morning

    First Grade:  Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Wendy Rotate

    Monday-Thursday Mornings

    5th-8th:  Mrs. Marissa

Do you want to help our school?
You can help us by sending in
COKE product codes.
Product codes can be found under the caps of individual drinks or printed on the carton of drinks.

our VIRTUAL Program?

Due to COVID 19
and our effort to keep our students and staff safe
schools in Clay County
cannot accept deliveries for students at this time.

Parent Input Needed

Please click on the link below to let our schools

Know how we are doing this year.


RTI Information

Parent Brochure For RTI - Response To Intervention

Immunization Record NEWS

Vaccine Safety - Vaccine Safety Communication eLibrary - Vaccines ...

Students entering PRE-K, Kindergarten, and 7th Grades will need

to have an updated immunization record by the first day of school.

All incoming seventh graders for the 2020-2021 school year must have updated immunization records showing that they have received their TDAP. Students will be required to have these records on the first day of school. 

Frequently Asked Questions

about the reopening of school

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