Media Studies

Media Studies Department:
Head of Subject: Mrs H Parmenter
Subject teacher: Mr J Harrold

In Media Studies you are encouraged to analyse the world around you. From newspapers to advertisements and  television, you will engage with a range of media texts, evaluating the effect that they are intended to have on consumers and audiences.  Click on your year group for additional information. 

We now follow the Eduqas GCSE course which breaks the subject into two halves:

Examination 70%
Controlled Assessment 30%

Controlled assessment will be set by the exam board and completed in class under exam conditions around Easter. Class work, until then, will centre on preparation for the two 1hr 30 minute exams which covers: Advertising, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Television, Video Games and Music Video.  

Please be aware that the course does not involve watching/analysing films as this is now a separate GCSE.

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Mrs H Parmenter,
14 Jan 2019, 05:32