Maths @ CCC

Mathematics @ CCC
Welcome to the learning page of the Mathematics Department at Claverham Community College.  The Mathematics Faculty is one of the biggest faculties at the College and boasts being able to assist pupils gaining exceptional results at GCSE.  Lessons are structured to engage pupils at every possible opportunity with emphasis on developing personal thinking and learning skills to enable them to be able to use and apply maths in real life problem solving.
The resources here are designed to reinforce work carried out in class and often stimulate further the mathematical mind. 
During KS3 pupils follow the MEP and links to these texts are included here.  The topic revision tests and termly tests are taken by all sets based on their level of study.  
During KS4 pupils follow a programme of study culminating in an external examination for an EDEXCEL GCSE in Mathematics. 
In order that students make full use of lesson time they are expected to come to each lesson with all equipment including calculator, pair of compasses, and protractor.  We recommend the Casio calculator which is available from the department at a subsidised rate.