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Miss Hardy

G.C.S.E. Drama covers various dramatic and theatrical styles.  It is important to note that the written examination is now compulsory. 

There are two components to the course, practical work and the written examination.  The information below gives some idea as to the work covered over the two year course:

WRITTEN EXAMINATION   40%   (Time allowed: 1 ½ hours)

  1. Compulsory Question – Response to practical work completed in lessons.
  2. One other question – Either on a play studied in depth or response to live productions.
This is externally set and marked at the end of Year 11.  However, the written work is an integral part of practical work and, therefore, it is taught from the beginning of Year 10.   

PRACTICAL COMPONENTS   60%   Internally assessed and externally moderated.
Two of the following options:

  • Devised thematic work for performance to an audience
  • Acting
  • Theatre in Education presentation
  • Improvisation
  • Costume
  • Make-up                          

Each option is assessed through practical work, (preparatory work and end-product).  At the end of Year 11, an external moderator from the exam board marks the work during a live performance.  There are at least four formal assessments over the two years and the two best practical marks are given to the exam board.  These two marks are then worth 60% of the final G.C.S.E. and combine with the marks from the written paper.


The aims of the course are to extend self and group awareness; to develop imaginative; to enhance creative, cognitive and social skills; to increase confidence in communication skills and to develop an interest and understanding of Drama and Theatre.  Hard work is as much a part of this subject as the 'fun' element.The course has proved popular in the past with pupils who have been involved in dramatic activities both in and out of school.  However, other pupils have been inspired to take part in dramatic activities as a result of the course.  Certainly, increased self confidence, self discipline and team work are overtly obvious in candidates who have studied this course. It is important to note that the Drama and Theatre Arts course is not just for pupils keen on performance and acting.  The backstage design skills are as equally important. 

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