Year 8

The Year 8 Classics curriculum follows a historical view of Roman life, studying the ancient Roman civilisations, Roman philosophy, mythology, language and daily life. It includes a mixture of activities including stories, historical accounts, drawing and acting.  At the end of Year 8 pupils have an introduction to the Latin language with simple exercises. They are also given letters asking them if they wish to continue with Latin in Year 9, and there is a Latin lesson once a week.  The table below shows the topics studied. 

Units of Study 
 The Legendary Founding of Rome
In this unit pupils learn about Rome's founding by the hero Aeneas. 
 Romulus and Remus
Pupils will look at the legend of the brothers Romulus and Remus, who are adopted by a she-wolf.
 The Geographical Positioning of Rome
Pupils learn about the geographical reasons for Rome's position. 
 Further Expansion of Rome
Pupils will study the names of the seven hills of Rome, and how Rome expanded, by the conquering of different tribes. 
 Punic Wars
The three Punic Wars and the development of the Roman Empire are studied in this unit. 
Roman Army
Pupils will explore what life was like as a soldier in the Roman army, discuss the organisation of the Roman army and compare it with other armies of the time.  
Pupils will learn about the destruction of Pompeii and how the devastating catastrophe has aided our knowledge of the ancient world. 
 Domestic Life in the Roman Empire
A study of the type of houses that the Romans lived in. 

Roman Food
Pupils will consider the typical foods that the Romans ate and create their own 'Roman' menu. 

Roman Entertainment

Pupils compare entertainment today with that in Roman times and the learn about the various social events that kept the Romans busy.

Aqueducts, Baths and Hypocausts
The important social activity of bathing , the importance of aqueducts and the engineering behind hypocausts. 

Julius Caesar and the Pax Romana
Pupils learn about the leader Julius Caesar and how the empire was ruled after his assassination. 

A look at the influence that Greeks had on Roman religion and how Christianity pervaded the Empire.

Pupils learn about how Romans used mosaics to decorate their floors and the skills behind their creations. 
 The Fall of the Roman Empire
The reasons behind