Year 7

In Year 7, Classics follows a traditional curriculum, studying the Ancient Greek civilisations, Greek philosophy, mythology, language and daily life. It includes a mixture of activities, including stories, historical accounts, drawing and acting. The following table shows a list of topics studied during Year 7. 

 Topics of Study
 Introduction to Classics
This topic will give an introduction to the topic as well as discussing what is already known about the subject. 
The Palace of King Minos
This will cover a discussion about the discovery in the 1950s of ancient writings 'Linear B', in the palace at Knossos and how ancient symbols evolved into language. 
 Cretan Myths
Daedalus and Icarus
Pupils will learn the story of Daedalus and Icarus - the well known tale of the boy who flew too close to the sun. 
Theseus and the Minotaur
The story of Theseus slaying the Minotaur in the maze is another well known story that will be studied during Year 7. 
 Stories from the Illiad
The Golden Apple - origins of the Trojan War
The story that considers the start and causes of the Trojan War. 
The Anger of Achilles
Here pupils learn about the Trojan War and how Achilles' stubbornness caused his best friend to die.
The End of the Trojan War - The Wooden Horse
The infamous story of the Wooden Horse and how it led to the end of the Trojan War. 
 The Greek Alphabet
Here pupils will learn that the Greeks did not have a written language before 700BC but, soon after this, the Phoenician alphabet was adapted. They will look at how this ultimately led to the Roman alphabet and the Western alphabet that we use today. 

Greek words that we still use
Pupils will look at 'modern' words that are derived from Greek. 

English words from Greek
Pupils discuss English words that are based on Greek language such as microphone, telephone and hippopotamus.
 Stories from the Odyssey
Here pupils will learn well known stories from the adventures of Odysseus on his return voyage from Troy including: 
The Cyclops
Hazards at Sea for Odysseus
The Homecoming of Odysseus
 Greek Creation Story
The Gift of Fire
Pupils will learn about the Greek creation story and discuss links with other creation stories. 
 Selected Stories
Kind Midas wanted everything he had touched to turn to gold. Here pupils will discuss the possible motives behind the wish. 
Athene and Arachne
Pupils will learn about the spinning competition between a goddess Athene and a young Greek girl called Arachne
The myth that the Greeks used to explain the seasons of the year. 
The Gods Go Visiting
Pupils will learn about the Greek myth of a flood which 'washed away' all evil. They link this with other beliefs about similar floods. 
 The Olympic Games
The first games which took place  in 776BC are studied, with the ancient events being compared to the modern games. 
 Clothes and Fashion
Pupils compare ancient Greek fashion with modern day trends.