Widening Participation

The Widening Participation scheme is open to students who may be the first in their family to consider Further Education, providing they meet certain criteria. If you are eligible we will contact you with further details.  

Eligible students are offered a place on trips to the University of Sussex to take part in activities that might broaden their horizons and inspire them.

This year  trips have included :
  • year 7 multi subject taster day where students took part in maths, art history and media sessions. We learned about chaos theory, what makes art valuable and created some fantastic comics.
  • year 8 multi subject taster day.
  • year 9 campus tour where we explored the university campus, found out about the different types of accommodation and looked at the shapes of the buildings
  • year 10 politics taster day where students spent a day getting a glimpse of how politics is studied at university, a subject which is normally only taught as part of other curriculum areas.

We hope to be able to offer similar trips next year.