Here are the grade descriptors for the exam project. The total mark out of 20 will then be converted to your overall grade 1-9. The exam is worth 40%. In the link below you will see an example of a past paper, where you choose one starting point. There is also an intentions booklet, which outlines the tasks you need to do.
AO1 DEVELOP Ideas by looking  at other Artists workA02 REFINE ideas through experimentationA03 RECORD ideas, primary & secondary examples  AO4  Present Final OUTCOMES.
Limited 1-4 I will not let you be this bad!!
Basic 5-8Straightforward ideasSome selection and experimentationSome focus - unrefinedAdequate, only superficial connections to ideas, experimentation & research
Competent 9-12Own ideas as starting point some critical understanding Predictable selection with better range or resources and processesBetter technical control. Some technical terms used to communicate intentions. Emerging individual qualities, evidence of connection to research and experiments. 
Confident 13-16A wide range of ideas, drawing upon research into relevent artists and designers.Effective selection and experimentation. There is some skill shown in modifying and refining use of materials and techniques.Relevant selection and recording, very good skills & techniques (drawings/ photographs) Annotation shows good use of specialist terms. Skilful personal outcome, Consistent clear understanding, and clear connections to research and experimentation. 
Fluent 17-20Responds with diverse and imaganitive ideas, with sustained investigations. Independent and critical understanding.Creative and imaginative developments, using full potential of techniques and processes. Excellent grasp of ideas. Thorough recording, creative use of visual and other forms. Sourced both from observation and secondary.Original, imaginative and personal outcomes. Obvious connections between elements of research & experimentation.