Going Beyond Google

Google is often an excellent search engine for finding information, but because it has so much breadth and depth, it's often difficult to find the best school-appropriate and academically-focused results.  Luckily, there are other search engines and subject directories out there that allow us to search the Internet in more focused, targeted, and school-appropriate ways.  

Not all search engines search the same material, and those that search what's called the "invisible web" - resources like scholarly databases, government documents, academic journals, and archives - bring back results that are more relevant for teachers and students.

The search tools on this page should help you obtain quality, academic information without the difficult task of weeding out non-authoritative and spam sites. 

Information from NoodleTools and A List of Education Search Engines

Academic Search Engines

Use these scholarly search tools if you're looking for scholarly and academic quality research; at these sites, you'll find results from scholarly and peer-reviewed journals and publications:

Art Search Resources

These sites provide targeted, evaluated information on fine art and other areas of the humanities:

Ask the Experts

If you're looking for more assistance or guidance, these sites have all been expressly prepared by librarians or archivists.  The information has been evaluated, and the authors are always noted:

Biographical Information Resources

These sites are rich in biographical data, both for personal knowledge and academic reports:

Current Events Resources

Instead of conducting basic Google searches for today's news and events, use one of these sites to enhance and deepen your understanding of world events and current issues:

History, Geography, and Social Studies Sites

Social Studies as a field of learning is broad and deep - and these search sites cover the historical (both modern and ancient), political, and geographical aspects of the discipline:

Multimedia Resource Search Tools

YouTube isn't the only site that provides great and educational multimedia at no cost.  If you're looking for a video to understand a concept more fully, a podcast of experts to enhance your classroom instruction, or something visually engaging to incorporate into a student presentation, try these sites:

Opposing Viewpoints Search Tools

If you're looking for both sides on hot button issues, try these search engines:

Reference Search Resources

Reference sites provide the basics of information - the facts.  Check these searchable sites for your factual information needs:

Science & Health Search Tools

Search for your Science- or Health-focused topics at these sites, which focus only on these areas of study: