Welcome to Ms. Patterson's web page.

This is a very special year for me.  It is my 33rd year teaching, and I'll be retiring in June. 

I couldn't have asked for better teaching assignments for my last year.  

Teaching ELA 10 and World History allows me to use both my Bachelor's (Social Science) and Master's (English) degrees.  

It also allows me to have one final opportunity to teach classes I love.  

Important Contact Info . . . 

Email addresses:
CHS - clpatterson@clarkston.k12.mi.us
personal - clp350@sbcglobal.net    

Voice messages:
CHS - 3578 (goes directly to email)
personal - 248.909.5637

Both come directly to my phone which allows me easy access.

- Email the assignment that is due.  
- Email any questions you have regarding how to complete the assignment you missed in class.
- Check out the "Here's What We're Doing" information for your class.