Upload your photos and video for the entire team to enjoy! The CJHS 8th graders will select from among the photos to include in the end of the year slide show at the cross country banquet.

View Photos & Video
Use the link below to visit our SmugMug main page to view photos of our current season and past seasons. SmugMug is an online photo website. Anyone with the link to our album can view photos and you can have others upload their photos. While viewing photos, you can also download the ones you like.

Upload Photos & Video
Help us collect memories of our season by uploading your photos and video. We use the photos to put together the end of season slide show for the team banquet. We accept photos and video from any camera (your phone or those expensive ones). The photos and video can be just your runner or many of our runners.

Choose the gallery you would like to upload photos to. Your photos will then be available for others to see after they are approved. The team has a paid account. Our only limit is photos must be under 50MB each and videos must be under 3GB and 20 minutes in length. Most likely your photos or video will come no where near those limits.

Upload Instructions
You can upload photos or video to our SmugMug page by using the links above. Please help us keep our photos organized by choosing the appropriate meet you wish to upload photos for. 

To upload:
  1. Click on the gallery link (located above) for the meet you want to upload photos to. A new page will open with an upload box like the one on the right.
  2. Navigate to the photos on your computer you want to upload.
  3. Left click on a photo and drag it onto the box. You can drag one photo at a time or select many photos and drag them all at once.
  4. When you are done dragging the photos you want into the box, wait for the uploader to show that the upload is complete.
  5. Click on the green "I'm done Uploading" button. 
  6. You will be taken to the upload folder. The photo(s) you uploaded should be visible here. 
  7. If you have photos from another meet, select another gallery using the links above to repeat the process.
Your photo(s) are now submitted to be approved. Once one of the coach's is able to preview the photos (normally within 48 hours), they will appear in the current season gallery for everyone to see. This extra precaution is just to make sure someone random is not uploading inappropriate photos.