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Infrastructure Guide

This page details how representatives and co-chairs need to interact with the Google Apps infrastructure.

Sending Email to the Lists

Steering and Service representatives can send email to the respective lists directly from their Clarkson email (the Service at-large representative can email all lists).  Co-chairs can request direct email powers from the Webmaster(s); note that this will make them receive email from all lists as well.  Co-chairs can email the lists from there Google Apps gmail account.

Lists that can be emailed:
  • all-honors-students@clarksonhonors.org
  • honors<class_year>@clarksonhonors.org (ex: honors2012@clarksonhonors.org)
  • steering-board@clarksonhonors.org (note: any steering member can email this list)

Uploading a File to the Website

To upload a file, first navigate to the webpage that contains the files (such as Meeting Minutes or Important Documents).  Click the sign in link on the bottom if you aren't signed in.  Click the Add File button and select the file to upload.

Other Stuff

While the most visible parts of the infrastructure are the website and email lists, all of the Google services are available (mostly).  You can use committee email to send/receive mail for the committee, or create a calendar to put on the website, or store your documents in Google Docs so you don't have to pass them from co-chair to co-chair.