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Sra. Reid
Room 202

Class Syllabi

Course Description:

Intro to Spanish

Course Description

This course will give students a strong foundation for further study of the Spanish Language.  We will be stressing Spanish vocabulary, basic Spanish grammar, as well as studying the cultures and traditions of Spanish speaking countries around the world.  Materials used will include; a variety of worksheets, interactive notebook activities, teacher generated grammar reference sheets,  teacher generated vocabulary lists, teacher generated power-point presentations, games, educational culture videos, and educational websites for learning a second language.

Spanish I

Course Description

Spanish I - aims at enhancing students’ ability to read, write, understand and, most importantly, speak Spanish. The primary focuses are vocabulary building strategies and basic structures to increase communication. Students should be able to speak to native Spanish speakers and to communicate effectively with them when they finish this course. They will also become familiar with cultural differences between societies in Spanish speaking countries. We cover materials, not exclusive to, but through the textbook series Avancemos by Holt McDougal. Two units from this textbook will be covered each nine weeks. This course is a one-credit course that counts toward high school graduation (GPA).