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World Languages

Course: Spanish
Teacher: Sra. Davidson
School: Clarke County High School
Location: Room 204
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Course Objectives:

In this class we will work together to achieve 3 goals:

1. Students will continue to develop language skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

2. Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the Spanish speaking culture through its language, history and customs.

3. Students will gain insight as to the use of Spanish in their daily lives and future career choices.

Course Topics:

  • Spanish III will follow the topics in the book Avancemos 3, with a focus on building on to the foundations of the language studied in Spanish I and II, and reinforcing the grammatical structure of the language.
  • Spanish IV and V will have less focus on grammar and more emphasis on reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish spoken by native speakers. The units will be divided by themes based on IB core topics (global issues, communication & media, social relations) and optional topics (leisure, cultural diversity, health, customs & traditions, and science & technology).

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