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Course Information

Course: 4th Grade Math
Teacher: Mrs. McGuigan
School: Boyce Elementary
Location: Room 3


  Course Objective:

  • Mathematics instruction in grade 5 should continue to foster the development of number sense, especially with decimals and fractions.
  • Computation and estimation in grade 5 should focus on developing fluency in multiplication and division with whole numbers and should begin to extend students’ understanding of these operations to work with decimals. 
  • Students in grade 5 should be actively involved in measurement activities that require a dynamic interaction between students and their environment.
  • Geometry-Students investigate, identify, and draw representations and describe the relationships between and among points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles. Students apply generalizations about lines, angles, and triangles to develop understanding about congruence, other lines such as parallel and perpendicular ones, and classifications of triangles. 

  Course Topics:

Boyce 4th Grade Calendar

AssignmentDue DateDescription
15 Minutes of Flashcards  Monday and Wednesday Nights 
RICE Word Problem-Create and Solve  Tuesday and Thursday nights 
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