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Course Information

Course: Reading Essentials
Teacher: Mrs. Esslinger
School: J-WMS
Location: Room 204

Course Objective:

Reading Essentials:  See Attached Syllabus

Course Topics:

    • Comprehension--self-monitoring and self correction, questioning, using context clues, making connections, making mental images,  predicting, and making inferences.
  • Accuracy--do the words make sense, using beginning and ending sounds, blending sounds, chunking letters and sounds, and trade a word/guess a word that makes sense
  • Fluency--read appropriate level text that are a good fit, timed repeated readings, reader’s theater,  use punctuation to enhance phrasing and prosody (end marks, commas, etc)
  • Expand Vocabulary--use pictures, illustrations, and diagrams, use word parts to determine the meaning of words (prefixes, suffixes, origins, etc), and use prior knowledge and connect to predict and confirm meaning
  • Word Study--participate in a leveled program designed to improve sight word knowledge and phonetic knowledge (spelling patterns)


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