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English and Philosophy at Clarke County High School

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Courses: English Honors 10, English 11, IB Philosophy
Teacher: Eric Morgan   morgane@clarke.k12.va.us 
School: Clarke County High School
Location: Room A 213

Hello students and parents! This website holds some basic but important information about Mr. Morgan's classes at Clarke County High School. 

Click on the class to find a copy of my syllabus, which contains my policies and grading practices.  

Below is a calendar of most of our major assignments, pulled from what I post on Google Classroom. Please note that I do not input completed work into Google Classroom; I only use it to post assignments to the calendar. To determine the completion and grade of an assignment, please log into your PowerSchool account. Once I have assessed the work, I will enter scores there.  

Please also note that these calendars do not reflect general class announcements and information posted to Google Classroom--only the assignment dates.  

If you have any questions on the specifics of an assignment, check google classroom for the handouts or email me at morgane@clarke.k12.va.us

If you would like to sign up for Google Classroom updates, please opt in at the following link: Google Classroom Form