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Course Information

Course: Health & Physical Education
Teacher: Tucker Brown
School: Johnson-Williams Middle School
Location: Gym & Room 112

Course Objective:

This course is designed to provide each student with an opportunity to be introduced to exercise, physical activity, and wellness.  Students will learn the basic components of fitness as well as the exercises that can help them achieve their personal fitness goals and expand as they progress through their time here at Johnson-Williams Middle School.  Students will be taught the proper techniques for basic stretching, strength training, and endurance training. In addition to these areas the students will also learn the major systems of the body that are involved in exercise and the effects that exercise has on the body.  Students will learn and develop habits for maintaining personal health such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, and hygiene. Students will also learn ways to promote healthy living within their community through various initiatives. Students will also be exposed to various sports and activities that can help provide the participants with an increased level of physical fitness.  Students will be taught the various skills involved with each activity as well as the rules and regulations of the sports/games.

 Course Topics:


  • (This schedule is subject to change)

    First 9 Weeks

    • Pre Fitness Testing (FitnessGram)

    • Cooperative Games

    • Invasion Games

    Second/Third 9 Weeks

    *Brown will be in Health during Quarter 2; Casey will be in Health during Quarter 3

    Physical Education

    • Midpoint Fitness Testing

    • Invasion Games

    • Net Games


    • Weight Related Disease Prevention

    • Fitness Planning

    • Nutrition

    Fourth 9 Weeks

    • Post Fitness Testing

    • Invasion Games

    • Field Games

    • Net Games

    • Cooperative Games

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Course Calendars

 Level 1 6th Grade

Blue - A Day; Red - B Day

 Level 2 7th Grade

Blue - A Day; Red - B Day

 Level 3 8th Grade

Blue - A Day; Red - B Day