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Course Information

Course: Math 6-7 and Pre-Algebra 6
Teacher: Anna Hawes
School: Johnson-Williams Middle School
Location: Room 222

Course Objective:

My goal this year is to show you how you use math every day.  I believe that you are most successful when I actually answer the question “WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?” I promise to help you understand why, and I ask you to promise to use your successes and failures as a way to grow and learn. In this class, you will change your “I don’t knows” into “I don’t know yet”.

Course Topics:

 Unit 1 - Number Sense Unit 2 - Geometry
 Unit 3 - Proportionality Unit 4 - Coordinate Geometry
 Unit 5 - Linear Graphing Unit 6 - Data and Statistics

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Math 6-7

Pre-Algebra 6