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Course: Art 6-8
Teacher: Mrs. Chrissy Schmohl
School: Johnson-Williams Middle School
Location: Room 104

Course Objective:

At Johnson-Williams, Art is part of a 3-class (trimester) exploratory including Tech Ed and Spectrum. Students will have 12 weeks of each class. Students will build a foundation for further art instruction in high school. Students will study major movements in art history, including Renaissance and Impressionism through Modern and Contemporary.  Students will learn art techniques related to contour drawing, principles of landscapes, drawing 3D shapes, portrait drawing, creating art using perspective, grid enlargement, and the elements and principles of design. A large focus is learning how to let go and “go big” with their art. They will use a variety of art media including, but not limited to, oil and chalk pastels, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, ceramic or polymer clay, computer design, and other mixed media techniques.

Course Topics:

  • 6th Grade:
    • Deconstructing Landscapes– Making Sense of Space in the Real World
    • Creating 3D Shapes & Shading – Simulating the Illusion of the 3rd Dimension
    • Building a Ceramic Vessel – The Ancient Art of Sculpting
    • Illustrating Still Life – Drawing What You See
    • Composing Fauve Faces -- Wild Beast Acrylic Self-Portraits
  • 7th Grade:
    • Constructing Creativity – Finding and Developing Artistic Creativity
    • Depicting a 1 Point Perspective Interior – Organizing a 3D World on a 2D Plane
    • Analyzing Masks – Why Do We Hide?
    • Discovering O'Keeffe – Monumental Art & Careers in the Visual Arts
    • Inventing HeArt History – What Art Do You Love?
  • 8th Grade:
    • Why Draw? – What is Art and How Can You Make It?
    • Developing a Symbolic Self Portrait – Who Am I? How Do I Want Others to See Me?
    • Producing Ceramic Art – It's Not Playdough--What Ceramic Art Piece Will You Create?
    • Controlling Watercolor – How can I learn to control this wet mess?
    • Portfolio Production – Reflection on Artistic Process

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