Pictures from my times at Clark Air Base

Although I have posted many photos here, complete sets can be found at the links below.

More Clark photos can be found here on Flickr

Berkley Shelton and a kid named Rayboi on our trip to Pampanga.

BLD. 7513 houseboys Bert (L) and Monty (R)

Louie Martinez and a girl named Winnie.

Mike Domingo at the Olympic pool.


Blue 2 and Sgt. Merrifield??

Boz and Troll

Clark Tower c.1987

Turn & Burn

Gregg Paquette

Larry Bradbury, Pilot Tom Shultze (background)

Berk and I fighting over a knife in a river, Pampanga RP.

Berk in the 3AGS dorm, Bld. 7513

Clark Flight-line looking towards Phase Dock.

Mixon & Domingo on a stroll

View from hard-stands looking towards the 3rd AMU

Louie Martinez and Scott Geary

Brooksie on the flight line

Jim Wescott  and Joe Mixon

"Wang, Louie and Creeper" at a small bar in Seoul Korea. Louie proudly drinks his OB beer

Stuart,  Hodges and F+12.
See F+12's plane re-fueling in the aircraft section.

Berk Shelton taking a dagger to  Bob Marthey after work one afternoon... always some form of goofing around going on.

Berk screwing around with his new camera

Berk in front of the CRS dorms

Chuck Green c.1987

Greg and his son Eric, family day 1987

4-wheeling! A great way to pass some time

Here are some pictures of some of us from the 3rd AMU (and a few others) passing time muddin' behind the base in the river beds. Some of the names in these pics are Jimmy Gary, Jim Wescott "Wang" Kerry McCaskill, Gary Ferdic, by buddy Berkley D. Shelton "Berk"

Wescott's Jeep