3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron

3rd AMU

Blue Section - "The Big Blue Screw will get you too!"

Photos from the 3AMU/3TFS can be found here and are updated as the arrive.

3rd AMU in Korea Circa 1988 Click to Enlarge!
(photo: Scott Bozio)

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Morning Roll Call...

Thanks To Valerie Kucera and Andy Korff for helping to add to this list.
Some of the names are incomplete, some are simply nicknames. Help is needed to complete the roll-call list. THANKS!

APG / Crew Chiefs

Manuel Sarmiento
Douglas Freeman
"Willy" Williams
Maury Byers
Mike " Killer Beek" Domingo
Scott "Boz" Bozio

Greg Paquette
Chuck "Brooksie" Brooks
Paul "Weeble" Moss
Wayne "Country" Walsh
Don McCracken
Darren Simpson
Chuck Green
Jim "Wang" Wescott"
Louie Martinez
Kerry McCaskill
John Price
Arnel "Doc"Docena
Danny Moye,
Steve Wicker
Jimmy Gary
Stuart "Beetle" Bailey
Sunny James Beihl
Brenda Mier
Larry Bradbury
Bill Partos
Berkley "Berk" Shelton
Bob Fruectenicht
Dave "hound dog" Wilson
Sgt. Damon "Troll"

Sterling Bradford
Kevin Garcia
Arturo Barcase (lazy)
Scott Geary
Merrified (Blue2)
Dave Balderama
Dale Stuart
Joey Hodges
Curtis Mckee
Dale Reeves
Jose Torres
Phil Baker
Ray Rojas
Devney Graves
Ivan Fry
Seth Fogle
Mark Garcia
Lenny Zorouba
Hans Wennerstrom


Daniel Ackerman,
Greg Hackbarth,
Matt Arnold,
Bernie Argabrite,
Russel Mizer
Debbie Tienken (sp?)

Tracy Skrede
Rodney Eastman


Valerie Kucera,
Chuck Webb,
Ray McHenry
Case Kiser
Scott Collins
Lisa Burns
Jackie King
Scot Summers/Sommers
Dwight Hill (Fritz)
Orival Greenfield
Barry Richmond
Stan Turner
Fritz Hill
Brooks Thornhill

I believe this is Chuck Webb!


Andy Korff
Geoff Carter
Dana Schrenk
Shawn Tomblinson
Ron Prescott
Vergel Bautista
Leo Rulloda
Gabe Waller
Mike Pemberton
Ron Guy
Andy Sagucio
Don Hill
George Tedrow
Dan Garcia
Jeff Guy


Rob Webster
Roy Killens
Lou Lazario


Jack Ruane
Ron Koch - flt chief
Chris Babbin
Tom Ellis
Lance Wahls
Mark McInnis
Jack Ruane
Chris Babbin
Lee Reynolds
Rich Malcolm  (E-Boy)


Kim Reed
Scott Baker
Mike Dollinger
? Wilson (Blue 3 expediter)
Thomas Sanders
Tony Furtado
Darrin Wagoner
Mike Bailey
Kamakawiwoole (K+12)

The Squadron Flagpole outside ops.

Pilots /WSO's

Tom Shultze, Gary Barentine, Lou Berrena, Jeff Baker, Steve Sadler, Jay Hillman, Ebby Ferry, Ty Howard, Capt Brandt, Ron Shaeffer, Tom Jensen, Brian Chambers, Charles Mactoon, Capt Dodge, Maj. Brugamier.

The Status board on Blue 2 (Photo: Jimmy Gary)

3 AMU c.1986-87

3AMU ClarkAB.pdf  in PDF format!

Maj. Barrentine's Crash

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, December 21, 1989

ACFT 1391 in a photo taken during deployment to TS 88' Maj. Barrentine at the controls. 71-1391 would later crash into the South China Sea.

Oddly enough Maj Gary E. Barrentine went on to command the 8th Training Wing at Vance AFB.... The place where the 3TFS ( now 3FTS) is attached.. See below.

Lazy afternoons during Cope Thunder (Photo:Mark Garcia)

(Photo:Mark Garcia)

3rd Flying Training Squadron        (3 FTS)

Our former unit, The 3rd TFS / 3rd AMU lives on at Vance AFB.

The 3rd Flying Training Squadron activated on April 3, 2001. Falling under the command of the 479th Flying Training Group stationed at Moody AFB. It is augmented by AFRC's 39th FTS which is assigned to the 340th Flying Training Group. The 3rd FTS is tasked with conducting initial pilot training. It mission is to provide primary flying training in the T-6A Texan II aircraft to produce the highest quality military pilots, officers, and leaders. At full strength, the 3rd FTS is scheduled to have 180 members. It provides specialized undergraduate pilot training in the T-6 Texan.

The 3rd FTS has 40 PAA T-6 Texan II with an actual possible total inventory of 49 T-6 aircraft. The 3rd Flying Training Squadron was originally organized as the 3rd Aero Squadron on 1 November 1916 at Ft Sam Houston, TX. It was re-designated as Squadron A, Post Field, OK, on 22 July 1918.

Before being demobilized on 2 January 1919, the squadron probably served as an observer training unit, while its aircraft inventory apparently included the R–4, JN–4, and the JN–6. It was reconstituted, and consolidated in 1924 with a unit organized as the 3rd Aero Squadron on 13 May 1919 at Mitchel Field, NY, flying the DH–4. That unit was assigned to the Philippine Department on 18 August 1919; and to the 1st Observation (later, 4th Observation; 4th Composite) Group on 10 March 1920. It was re-designated as the 3rd Squadron on 14 March 1921, and as the 3rd Pursuit Squadron on 25 January 1923.

In addition to the MB–3 (1923–1926), and the PW–9 (1926–1931), aircraft operated by the unit included the DH–4 during the period covering 1924–1931; the P–12 (c. 1930–1937); the O–2 and O–19 (1931–1937); and the P–26 (1937–1941). The consolidated unit was re-designated as the 3rd Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) on 6 December 1939. It was reassigned to the 24th Pursuit Group on 1 October 1941 and saw combat in the Philippines, from 8 December 1941–c. 1 May 1942. A ground echelon of the unit fought as infantry unit on Bataan, from 18 January–c. 8 April 1942.

Besides the P-26, the 3rd also operated the P–35 (1941) and the P–40 (1941–1942). It carried as an active unit but was not operational from the fall of the Philippines to 2 April 1946, at which date it inactivated. Re-designated as the 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron on 12 March 1973, it reactivated on 15 March 1973 at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, as a unit of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing and flying the A-7.

The 3rd saw combat in Southeast Asia, from 15 March–15 August 1973. It transitioned to the F-4 in 1975 and supported the evacuation of US personnel from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and from Saigon, South Vietnam, in April 1975, as well as the recovery of the SS Mayaquez crew, in May 1975. It thereafter was reassigned to the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing on 15 December 1975 (though attached to Thirteenth Air Force, 15–16 December 1975), relocating in the process to Clark AB, Philippines.

It was redesignated as the 3rd Fighter Training Squadron on 19 December 1991 upon its reassignment to the 343rd Wing and relocation to Eielson AFB, AK. From 1991-1993, the squadron flew the UH-1. It was reassigned to the 343d Operations Group on 1 February 1992. It inactivated on 20 August 1993.

Prior to being reactivated under the 479th FTG, the 3rd had been re-designated as the 3rd Flying Training Squadron on 14 February 1994, and last been reactivated on 1 April 1994 at Lackland AFB, TX, under the 12th Operations Group. The Unit is Now assigned to the 71st Operations Group at Vance AFB.

Evolution of the Squadron Patch


The Puegot

Logo for the 3TFS and the 3AMU