Welcome to Mr. Smith's Home Page For Clarinda High School.  You can use this page to find your way through the many different classes that I teach throughout the year.  I hope that this website gives you a better understanding of what is going on within the classroom setting. You can navigate to each class that I teach to see what each week's assignment and general topics are by using your mouse to tap the subject areas to the top left.  I have added a new video component to my website to help those who are struggling with the content.  Feel free to use the videos as review tools or if you are absent from class.  Thank You!!! 

Below are a few of my websites that I use on a daily basis for my classes. Other websites can be found that are more closely tied to my individual classes within those subpages.

Fellow Teachers:  If you have questions concerning my role within DLT, click on the link on the bottom right of the this page titled: 

DLT: Curriculum Leader

This Week's Quote:  "If it is to be, it is up to me!"
Hello.  My name is Mike Smith.  I have a wonderful family and we moved here from Cedar Rapids in 2001.  My wife Kristin is employed as the center director at the IWCC satellite center in Clarinda and Shenandoah.  We have 3 wonderful children.  Austin is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa and will be student teaching this fall, Owen is enrolled in the Young Americans School of Performing Arts in Corona, CA,  and Isabelle is in 10th grade at CHS.