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Amazon Prime Air Drones 
By: Clinton Miller

            Amazon Prime Air is a new way of transporting goods to citizens, companies, etc. If you live or are within ten miles of where the drone is located then you should expect it in about 30 minutes. This drone can carry up to 5 pounds or less, and the majority of Amazon’s choices are about that weight. The CEO of Amazon says that this drone will come out in about five years. The CEO also said that it is better than driving a truck to deliver the package (
            "Bring it to Me" is a feature that this Amazon Drone has. This feature is something that can bring you something where ever you are. All you need is a device to access the drone and you say what you need and then it will bring it to you. When you use this feature, you will have to access your GPS on your phone and then it will locate your location and bring you what you need. This option is easy, all you have to do is access your location and say what you need and you will get it. This may take more than one drone, it might get dropped off at one warehouse, then another will take it to another all the way to you (
            I think the Amazon drones are a great idea for the future of transporting packages to people. I think it is great because than if you are busy, you might forget about the package you ordered. If you forget about it, it might get ruined and you will have to get another. I think the Bring it to Me feature is great to, because what if you need something right away at work or at school or some sort of sports game, it will bring it to you and then you can use it over and over.