School Scoops

Middle School Lip Sync Performances
By:  Emma Schluttenhofer

            The lip sync is something that is always fun. Quinn Hansch said that she is not that excited for the lip sync. She is nervous that she will mess up doing the solo called the “Squid Dance”. She is doing a melody of songs with Elissa Dames, Kylie Klaver, Blaire Rasmussen, Courtney Harley and Emma Schluttenhofer. Emma Conlon said that she is excited to dance and sing to the song “ Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. Ava Meek she is excited. She is dancing to the song “Holding Out for a Hero”. She is dancing with Mrs. Hauptsteen, Mr. McGurk, and Caden Hanson.
            I think that the lip sync is something fun to do over your free time and I think that everyone should do it. The lip sync can be embarrassing but it is something fun to do. This is my second year of doing the lip sync. I have had fun each year and I plan to keep doing it. I think that someone that is not embarrassed should do it. The lip sync is very funny to watch all of the people sing. I think that everyone one should do it.