The Goods And Bads Of Traveling
By: Mario De Jesus Acat

            Traveling is good because you get to go place to place and get to see different places and learn cultural things and things you didn't know about the people that live there. It can be fun to go by plane and sleep some of the way there. You can hang out with friends and family there, too. You can get new friends and teach them about your culture. You can do different things that you have never done. You could love the place you are traveling to. You could also go by car and stop at every state you go passed and learn there, too.
            Traveling could also be bad because you could get to your destination and wonder why you even went. You could learn cultural things that will disgust you and that you won’t like. You can go across the states and stop to rest because you are going by car and might just want to go back home and sleep in your own bed. You could get to where you want to go and want to leave right away. You could go by plane and listen to a baby cry the whole way there or they ran out of pillows so now you can't sleep. If you do fall asleep without a pillow you can wake up with a sore neck or neck pain. You might not like the kind of people at your destination. There might be some bad stuff that happens but you can either deal with it or don’t do it again. When there are good things happening to you and it goes perfect you can either do it again or try it a different way.