By: Hannahjob Gustafson

Star Wars 7 Anticipation
By: Jaace Weidemann

            Star Wars was recently bought by Disney and now they are making a new movie. Hopefully this movie lives up to the hype. All of the other movies were good and I wonder what Disney will do to this one. I am surprised they are making a seventh movie because I think they left the series fine where it was. They have released the trailer and it looks okay because they are bringing back the original characters. The special effects are going to look better as long as Michael Bay doesn’t help. They are introducing some new characters which some people might not like. It is going to be hard for Disney to follow up the other movies because most people thought the prequels were a bit much. Hopefully they get this movie right otherwise people will get mad.
            I hope that they keep it original with all of the same characters. I have seen all of the movies and I loved all of them. I really don’t care how they do it I just hope it is a good movie. All of the other movies were great and this one needs to be better. They need to make it good to prove that they can make more if they want to. I think other people want the same thing.