Global History 10

Regents Review

Every Global Regents, from the past six years, can be found here

A good website to read over topics you need help with is this site, take twenty minutes to read it over and then click the links for extra help

If you want to use internet flashcards to test your knowledge and vocabulary visit this site, keep on practicing

This is a great link that shows every thematic essay. I would review them and quickly makes outlines-see what yuou know and what you still need to study

This is an AMAZING review packet. Click on the topics you feel like you still need to practice

This teacher is not as funny as Mr. R but take 30 minutes watch this video and take notes

Another good review video to watch

Scroll to the bottom of this page, under review packets:  and click on Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven Facts to Know And The Big Easy Global Review

You can download these following Apps on Apple Phones and it’s free


App: World History myFlashcard Maker, HS Edition

You can download this App from the Google App Store and it’s free

App: NY Regents Practice Exams