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Who knew there were so many different kinds of spoons?

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The Lower Junior girls spent 

Thursday 30th January 2014 as 


Sheena, from History Off The Page, came to visit, bringing with her a 10 room Victorian house which had to be prepared for the imminent arrival of Queen Victoria. There were fires to be laid, shoes to be polished and vegetables to be sown in the kitchen garden. The girls scrubbed the laundry using a washboard, shaved the Head Butler and prepared tea for the Mistress. It was a very busy morning indeed.

After lunch they had a visit to a Music Hall, complete with marvellous magical tricks, stupendous shows of strength and amazing airborne acrobatics!

The girls really appreciated the support given by Mrs Piekut and the group of mums who gave up their time to help.

Junior Drama news 
This week the Upper Junior girls have started their LAMDA sessions with Mrs Warren (Head of Drama). Watch this space for further details.

After school Activities programme have now started. 
Please remember that: 
Monday after school Hockey is off site and the girls return at 5.30pm

Monday Mandarin club for Reception to Year 2 starts at 8.30am

Tuesday Junior Music Ensemble starts at 8.30am.

Wednesday Cross-country training (Year 3-6) starts at 8.00am

Year 6 take on the Stock Market.
The girls in Year 6 will be investing in the Stock Market as part of their mathematics curriculum. Each girl will be given £20.000.00 to buy shares in three different companies on the Stock Market. They will record data for five weeks, work out profit (or loss) on a weekly basis and create graphs to display their results. 
At the end of each week the top three girls in the class (most profit) will become: 'Stockbrokers of the week' and at the end of the 5th week, the girl with the largest overall profit will become: Stockbroker of the term'.

A Claires Court first! Orchestra in a Day!

About 90 pupils from local schools gathered at the College to put on a stunning orchestral concert. Pieces included a work by the conductor, David Jones as well as superb performances of 'Bring Him Home', 'Saraband' and 'The Great Escape'. An outstanding performance by pupils of all ages and abilities!

Hockey and Rugby Tour 2013
Find out how the girls got on by looking in our sport section.
Year 6 Outward Bound trip to Osmington Bay 2013

 National Poetry Day.
Thursday 3rd October 2013
Year 6 girls enter a 100 word short story competition organised by: The Young Writers Primary Schools group.
                                   Watch this space for further details.
Fantastic News:
Six of the nine entries have been selected for publication in:
Stone Age Stories- Once Upon A Time
Their work has been selected for publication based on imagination, perception, expression and use of creative language. This is a great achievement that our pupils can be proud of.
Copies of the book will be sent to: The British Library and further libraries across the UK and Republic of Ireland and also the library at The College.
Watch this space:
In November, The Young Writers editorial team will go on to select school winners. The prizes for the best schools across the series, £1000.00 first prize, £500.00 second prize and £250.00 third prize, will be awarded once the books in this series have been published.
The following girls got their stories published:
Isha Ilyas
Sophie Gordon
Ellen Winhammar
Rowan Norman
Cassie Halpin
Hannaj Oram
Congratulations to all of the winners.
Please see the Year 6 page to the left for a chance to read their stories.
Year 5 class are getting very excited about their forthcoming trip to: Marchants Hill.
Friday 27th September.
Mrs Prestedge (Year 5 class teacher) will keep everyone updated with further information.
2012 - 2013
Mrs Theresa May MP
Vists The College
On Friday 25th January 2013, The College had a visit from MP and Home Secretary, Theresa May.
First of all, at 11.00am we went down to the Chapel to have an assembly. When she arrived we were all very excited as she was such an important person-and all fell instantly in love with her leopard-print boots! She spoke about her job as Home Secretary, which is a very important job, and at the end she answered questions.
     After that, she went to do an assembly with Yr10- Sixth Form, as only Yr5-9 were at our assembly.
We didn't see her again until the Question and Answer session. Mireia, Cassie and me came from Yr6 to ask her our questions. There were a lot of students there so unfortunately not everyone had a chance to ask their question, but luckily for me, I did! My question was; 'What advice would you give to a child who is interested in politics?' to which she replied 'Be yourself, don't let anyone shape you into what they think is right for you.'
     Meeting the Home Secretary was amazing, and she was such an excellent role model to us. I bet a lot of students now want to be a politician.
     It was a wonderful experience, and one i'm sure we will remember for the rest of our lives!
By Hannah Oram Year 6
Please click on the Year 6 link for more reports.
GB Olympic Hockey Bronze Medallist Hannah Macleod came to visit.
Hannah spent the afternoon watching us play a mini hockey tournament and then awarded the prizes.
2011 -2012
The Diamond Jubilee
On Friday the 1st of June the College Pre-Prep and Prep Departments celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth I I
Everyone attended a Garden Party in the school grounds. 



Run The World
The College will be taking part in Run The World from 18th- 24th June.
All pupils, staff and as many parents as possible will be taking part in this amazing event. The objective of the activity is to see if we can run from the College to Mount Everest in Nepal.
Watch this space for further details of this amazing event................................
 Congratulations to Corinne Mankoo in Year 6.
Corinne took part in a book cover competition along with approximately 500 other children from Berkshire. The book cover that Corinne designed was selected by the judges to receive third place. This is a remarkable acheievement for Corinne and she was delighted to receive her certificate on Thursday 3rd May 2012 when she attended the presentation service in Reading.
Junior Prep Inter-House Hockey 2012
 23rd March
 The Year 5 and 6 Junior Prep girls took part in our annual inter-house hockey tournament on a beautiful afternoon. Well done, to all the girls involved!
In Year 5 and 6 St Vincent came first, St Francis second and St Ignatius third.



Holi Festival - Thursday 8th March
The Pre Prep celebrated this special Hindu festival which marks the coming of Spring, it is known as The Festival of Colours.  It is a very colourful festival with dancing, singing and throwing of powder paint and coloured water.  Mrs piekut and Mrs Fleet dressed up in Sari's and we danced with colourful streamers.  Mrs Wardman threw flour at us, just like they do in India, it was lots of fun.

Mrs Piekut's 60th birthday celebrations
On Tuesday 6th March the Nursery and Pre Prep Department celebrated Mrs Piekuts 60th birthday.  We had a special assembly and then a party with lots of party games, food and balloons.  Mrs Wardman made a beautiful Barbie cake which looked too good to eat, but we did !!

Snowy days at The College
When it snowed the Junior Department  took their learning outside and worked together to create sculptures in the snow.