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A few of our brochures ceated in Publisher:

Island Sports Resort

The Haunted Mansion

Car Mental Resort

Cracked! The Time of Your Life.

Ewok Land

Death Valley

Penguin World

Saton's Kingdom (new spelling!)


Year 5 Trip to the RAF Hendon By Charlie Grayson

Year 5 trip to RAF Hendon

On the 5th of  May Year 5 went to RAF Hendon. To get there we had to take the bus. When we arived we got split into groups and got showen our techers who we were with. Our gorup went to Bomber Hall were all the bomber planes were (eg.Lancaster Bomber).

After that we went to Historic Hangers. Historic Hangers was were you could see some of the best old fighter jets.

Next we went to the shop. I bought a Revell F-14A BLACK TOMCAT model to build.

After that we went to Milestones. This is were you could see some of the best planes of all time such as: Kawasaki Ki 100 and much more. We also got to see the facts about them.

And final thing we did was that we watched a movie about the blitz and about WW2.

Then we got back on the bus and back to school.



By Charlie Grayson

Year 5 visit to RAF Hendon Aditya Sharma

On 5/5/2011 Year  5 went to RAF Hendon on a coach.

I saw real aircrafts and fighter planes. I also learnt about the history of Britain during World War 2 and saw the planes used in the war.

We also pretended to hide while the Germans bombed our city. I tried on a pilot uniform from the WW II .

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the movement of the helicopter. I got to move the lever which in turn got the helicopter propellers move faster and faster.

It was an informative and fantastic day for me.

By Aditya Sharma

Edward Stout year 5 visit to RAF museum

Visit to RAF Museum in Hendon

Thursday 5th May 2011

We left Ridgeway by coach at 9am. At the RAF Museum we visited the Aeronauts Interactive Centre where we played with the machine experiments that taught us how an aeroplane flies. We then went to the Milestones of Flight exhibition and there was a great big timeline across the wall telling us about the history of aeroplanes and 'plane building. We then went to the Bomber Hall where we saw lots of Bomber 'planes from WWII. We had our lunch and then we watched a film about 'Britains' Finest Hour' which looked at when the RAF was needed in the war for the Battle of Britain and when Winston Churchill made his heroic speech "Never Was So Much Owed By So Many To So Few".

My Trip To RAF Hendon By: James Breedon

My Trip To RAF Hendon

Firstly we got on the coach at Ridgeway to go to RAF Hendon; we got there after 1 hour-can you believe that!  We got of the coach and walked through the doors of RAF Hendon.
              We got given a safety talk and then my group went to the Bombers Hall.  We had a look at the old bombers and on the timeline we saw all of the flying vehicles from 1903.  Next we went to the Historic Hangers which were all of the jets that had gone down in history in World War 2.  Then we went to the shop and I bought half a bullet and F-15 Eagle fighter plane.  For the next event we went and looked at all the great fighter planes(eg.
Kawasaki Ki 100).
              Now we had lunch.
              I had the most fun on the next activity.  Firstly we went into a room with a lady who said we had to use the boxes to make our gas masks otherwise the police or the air raid wardens might tell us off!  We went back through the door we came in and to our surprise a man dressed like an air raid warden was sitting in the room.  He told us all about what you would do during an air raid.  After that we went to see costumes that had been real uniforms in World War 2.  Then they said we could try them on - I was the head fighter pilot!  We had to get out of these cool costumes for the next event.  We went out of the main building to go to another block.  We saw lots more of cool planes then we saw an video on the blitz; it was amazing! 
             Sadly we had to go after that but it was an amazing experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Year 5 have an exciting morning at Claires Court trying out a variety of activities:

Our Visit to Claires Court

On 7th March 2011, year 5 visited Claires Court (the older boys¡¦ school). Before the visit, most of my thoughts were concentrated on which group of boys we were going to be in. One group would do PE and technology, another would do PE and IT and the third was going to do Drama and PE. I was hoping to be in the group that did IT, but I ended up in the one doing Drama. It was actually quite good though. My favourite bit was when James Cooper got stage makeup on to make him look like he had been beaten up.

During break, we got a drink and a snack (free �º) and hung around on the astroturf.

After that, we had PE. We learned how to make our running pace faster and how to do a sprint start. Unfortunately, I am not much of a runner, myself!!

I wished we could have had some more time at Claires Court, because it was lots of fun (and I wish we could have done IT!) I would also have liked to have seen the science lab.

Even though we didn¡¦t do all the things I wanted to do, it was still loads of fun!

By Alastair Kenton (5B)

5R read their stories for a younger audience - to a younger audience!

Pupils in Mr Rowan's maths set have been looking for 3-digit prime numbers.
Here are a selection we found and posted in a form on googledocs: 3-digit primes

(can you see two mistakes?)

Read our scary Monster poems here: "5Rs Monsters"

We have been programming a sensor to turn lights on in a house when it gets dark. The programme needs a 'conditional statement'.

repeat forever

   If sensor <70

          turn outputs 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 off


         turn output 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 on

   end if

end repeat 

And James Breedon has been creating cartoon animations in Revelation Natural Art:

Year 5 had a visit from Oxfam who taught us a lot about helping people who do not have enough safe drinking water:

You can read our reports about the visit here:

"Oxfam Visit 2010"

5R have been using Googledocs to write instructions for all sorts of activities.

Check them out here: Googledocs Instructions 2010


We have been reading books by famous children's authors. It looks like Michael Morpurgo is the most popular, followed by Road Dahl, then Anthony Horowitz, then Dick King-Smith and finally Eoin Colfer:

From display

Year 5 had an amazing time at Osmington Bay. Here are some reports from 5R:

osmington bay Harry Turner

Osmington Bay James Dunning

Osmington Bay Edward Stout

osmington Harry Yeomans

Osmington Bay Ben Spiers

Osmington Bay Max Cook

Osmington Bay ( C.Sherlock )

Osmington Bay Louis Lennon

osmington bay Tom findlay

Osmington Bay Archie Walter

Osmington Bay Tom Beard

Osmington Bay-by Elliot O'Sullivan

Osmington Bay Jack Griffin

Osmington Bay MORGAN HANBY

Osmington Bay By Charlie Grayson

Osmington Bay Dominic Wright



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