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Aim high, believe in yourself and make a difference
Careers Advice for Sixth FormersThe next two years should be the most exciting and rewarding school years of your life during which you develop further and become a well rounded and accomplished individual. We want you to 'Aim high, believe in yourself and make a difference'.

Now you have chosen the subjects and courses you want to pursue at A Level and BTEC you have started to determine what you will do once you complete your Sixth Form studies. It is important that you talk about your future plans with your subject teachers, Form Tutors, Heads of Year, Helen Cole (Independent Careers Advisor), your parents and the various visiting speakers who will come in to talk about their particular career area. 

You will have plenty of opportunities to research and consider your next step whether you decide to apply for an apprenticeship, go to university or take a gap year.

Use the links below to explore the possibilities open to you and visit Success at School for additional information.