The Kaegi Pharmacy exhibit opened at the Museum of the Oregon Territory in early 1994. This fully stocked pharmacy allows visitors to step back over 100 years into a neighborhood drugstore, complete with patent medicines, soaps and ingredients to prepare a doctor's prescription. 

The family business began in 1921 when Morrice C. Kaegi purchased a drug store at 17th & Raleigh Streets in Portland, instead of entering medical school. Morrice moved the store to 51st and Sandy and continued to grow the business. In the 1930s, having outgrown its location, the store moved to 5142 NE Sandy and in 1936 a second location was opened at 39th and Belmont. The Sandy store was sold during World War II due to a lack of pharmacists. In 1949 Morrice built a new store one block west on Belmont. By June 1952 son Richard had graduated from pharmacy school and he joined his father and mother, Josephine, in running the store. Richard and Josephine continued the business after Morrice's death in December 1952 and in 1957 were joined by Richard's brother John. Josephine died in 1965.

In September of 1973 Richard and John decided to move the store to Wilsonville, then a town of 487 residents. They opened the first pharmacy in the town in a 500 sq. ft. space. They expanded the store over the years and in April 1989 sold it to Payless Drug Stores.

Throughout the 68 years the family operated the drug stores their collection of equipment and stock grew. Following the sale of the store, Richard and John Kaegi debating selling the collection but decided that it should remain in Oregon. In 1992 they donated the collection to the Clackamas County Historical Society and assisted in arranging the exhibit.

Since the Kaegi's original donation others have contributed medical equipment and other drug store items to create a truly unique exhibit that captures a moment in the life of a community.

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