Century of Action - Oregon Women Vote - 1912-2012

Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy, in speaking of the future need of women, made a plea
for independence of thought and action, declaring that if women fail
to stand together they they will not achieve the great things that lie before them.

"Suffrage Victory" Oregon Journal, August 29-1920

Town Hall Debate
Friday, November 16
1:00 pm
Museum of the Oregon Territory

Don't miss the chance to take part in the Century of Action’s acclaimed mock town hall debate on the question of woman suffrage.

 “What’s Suffrage Got To Do With It” uses arguments found in news articles, speeches, and editorials the 1912 campaign that express the pros and cons of extending voting rights to the women of the state.

Eliza Canty-Jones portrays anti-suffrage sentiments in the role of Mrs. F.J. Bailey President of the Oregon Association Opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women.

Janice Dilg expresses pro-suffrage arguments as activist and Portland Woman’s Club President Sarah. A. Evans.

The Suffrage Players perform a historically-accurate and highly entertaining town hall debate and come in full costume.

(photo from centuryofaction.org)

For more on Suffrage in Oregon:  http://centuryofaction.org