Welcome to Preschool!

The mission of Christ the King School is
 to provide an excellent education in a Catholic community of love and care;
 to foster respect for self and others; 
and to nourish a life long devotion to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

It is my goal to provide your child, and family, with a positive first school experience.  During the course of the day your child will have the opportunity to be involved in whole group experiences and small group learning, they will be encouraged to make appropriate play choices of their own, and they will also take part in teacher directed activities.  In preschool, it is our goal to prepare your child to be confident in a school environment by teaching the social and emotional skills necessary to interact comfortably with peers and teachers.  In our experience we have found that children with a solid foundation in these areas are far more prepared to take on the academic skills that are to come.