Christ the King Mission Statement:
The Mission of Christ the King School is to provide an excellent education in a Catholic community of love and care, to foster respect for self and others, and to nourish a life-long devotion to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to my Christ the King Webpage!  So happy you are here.  I will post some valuable information for you to see.  For instance,  if you would like to see the Christ the King calendar, please click https://www.google.com/calendar/rende

Wow!  It is hard to believe that teaching has been my vocation for the past 24 years. With that realization, I am also well aware of the many wonderful students and parents that I have met through the years.  Teaching in the middle school at Christ the King gives me the chance to teach students for three years.  What does this mean?  Certainly not the dread of "Oh, geez, I have this kid for three years."  But completely contrary; it is my delight to watch each student grow, learn, and mature.  We are not an institution at CKS, but a family.  And because of this I am excited to not only know and understand the child's learning capabilities, but also to know what their favorite activity is, where they go on vacations, what they do on the weekends, and most importantly, how can I help them to achieve the most they can achieve.

My philosophy of education is to focus on the students, and to recognize and respect their individual differences. The most meaningful learning takes place when students are motivated and interested in their learning process. By allowing and promoting students to have a voice in what they are learning, they are able to make connections to their own life and interests. Completing a daily lesson plan is not my top priority on any given day, but rather following the instincts and enthusiasm of my students, and guiding and inspiring them to be independent thinkers is what takes precedence. By identifying and cultivating the differences of my students, I hope to show them that I am a caring, enthusiastic, and warm teacher.