Mr. Goode
Middle SchoolHumanities

Welcome to PCK Middle School Humanities

Hello my name is David Goode.  I am one of the middle school humanities 
teachers and am the department chair.  I am very excited to continue working
with this  PCK middle school  team. This will be my fourth year teaching at this fine school. My wife and I love living in Colorado.
 I have twelve years experience teaching 
the social sciences and am a 
self described historian.  I have a bachelors degree with a business major 
and a justice studies minor.  I 
have a masters degree in education.  I have experience as a teacher, 
administrator and athletic director.  I also teach undergrad classes for CCU.
I am hopeful my experience and knowledge can help me to be the best teacher I 
can be. I have a 5th
grade son here at PCK and my wife works for University of Phoenix and PCK.  I look 
to meeting all the students and their parents.  

I want my students to learn about the history of this great nation. This 
class is designed to encourage 
the students to become better citizens and thinkers of social studies. Not 
just by memorizing facts or 
events but by understanding the people,places and reasons for the great 
events in American and World 

This week in Humanities we will accomplish the following:

Lesson Plans for Humanities for the week of 05-01-2017

8th grade Humanities –

   We will be finishing chapter 17 and reviewing for the chapter test.  This covers the reconstruction of the south, after the civil war. 

This will cover CDE HIS 1.1 and 1.2 plus GEO 2.1 and 2.2

7th grade Humanities – 

We will be finishing our Virtual Vacation projects, which is a study of modern Europe.  This will involve the students, making a google slide presentation for the rest of the class. We will present them this week. 
This covers CDE HIS 1.1/1.2, Geo 2.1/2.2, Econ 3.1/3.2 plus CIV 4.1/4.2


The students will continue to work on their business projects. 

Famous Battles in History

Battle of Marathon 
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